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Capitol Hill's Brave New World
by Dr. Ellen K. Rudolph
April 21, 2011

I don't think I have ever witnessed such bold-faced lying to the American public as I am seeing today from the so-called Ruling Elite…you know, the elites in Congress and in the White House, in Presidential Commissions, at the Federal Reserve, yes, even in our activist judiciary and in many university classrooms.

The liars are Progressives from both extremes of the political spectrum that are aided by a mainstream media that blatantly encourages them.

They are everywhere, making pronouncements that we all know to be untrue – bolstering their case for raising the debt ceiling, dropping bombs on Libya, ganging up against Israel, ratcheting up federal spending to historic highs, bankrupting America with entitlement programs, printing money – they even tell little green lies to make environmentally friendly technologies look like manna from heaven when they are nothing but greedy smoke screens. [This, by the way, includes a new wave of political interest in climate engineering that postures itself as the latest greatest answer to global climate woes.]
In support for their aspirations they trot out handpicked numbers from nowhere with math that is fuzzy and woefully stacked against the American taxpayer.

Dragons Waiting to be Slain

Yup, that's us – the taxpayers, we're the dragons waiting to be slain – not the 47% of Americans who pay no taxes — but the rest of us who pay taxes – you and me and every small business struggling to make it in this overly regulated world.

They are robbing us blind and redistributing the wealth to make that other 47% ever-more dependent on them.

So who's kidding whom here: are we all too dumbstruck to raise a ruckus? Is the ruling elite in such abject control of us that our shouts of dismay have finally been suffocated? Shouldn't we all be yelling FIRE! or something?

All those lofty promises of Nirvana have not materialized yet the pockets of American taxpayers by now are as drained as their psyches. They are tired of the rip-offs and the lies and all the charades yet we do nothing…collectively we sit and wait…and wait.

For what? For more change that we can believe in?

Sunshine is the Best Disinfectant

Materially false and misleading statements from the ruling elite must finally see the light of day. The lies must be exposed, and every citizen has a civic responsibility to do just that. It means calling your representatives in congress, your senator, your governor – whoever will listen – and tell them that you are sick and tired of all the lies and you want them stopped.

Taxpayers in revolt are a weighty adversary, something to be reckoned with. We are in the majority and we have the numbers behind us. We also have all the money even though the elites (seem) to have all the strings. At least that's what they want us to think.

But the truth is, Americans are a bunch of dolts. We haven't been paying the slightest bit of attention and look what's happened on our watch.

We need to turn off American Idol and turn our attention to the news of the day. We also have to start reading books (remember those?) – public policy books, political books, history books, economics books, books about our Republic form of governance; anything of consequence that will turn our minds back on and kick-start our imagination.

Forget the novels, find out about the real world staring you in the face.

One thing is for sure: our schools have put us to sleep. Since the early 50's school boards all over this country have sanitized the history books and homogenized the topics that populate our textbooks – they've done so quietly, in the background, erasing words and substituting others more befitting of Johnson's by now transparent Great Society ideals.

All this crap going on around us – yes, all of it – is the direct result of our collective drowsiness. We have let the schools and the pundits and their cohorts in the mainstream media lull us into thinking that all is well when it isn't; that life is good and that America is undergoing CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN.

This is mind control. It is deception at its best. It is a conscious conspiracy on the part of the Progressive ruling elite to lull us into an ever-deeper mindlessness.

But listen up: the real change we can believe in rises up from deep inside of us, not from without. Nothing of consequence comes from without. The SELF is what is real. The SELF defines and determines what happens to us in life. It reveals us to the world. Throughout the history of the world despots always have risen up in the middle of the night when their subjects were asleep. Like cattle, they robbed them of their self-determination and fenced them in.

The Moral to the Story is This

To change the world we have to change ourselves, not the other way around. We have to pick ourselves up by the bootstraps and start acting like we are alive and well. And awake!

Followers are mindless no-selves. The elitist controllers are lying and conniving pseudo-selves. They control others because they have nothing of consequence inside of them – they are no-selves with high ambitions and zero principles who only know to project their selfishness at others.

Beware liars in sheep's clothing for that's what the ruling elite are. They want us to think that they are working tirelessly on our behalf, that they have only our best interests at stake, but this is not the case. They are using us to further their own aims and there is no more clear reflection of this than a highly disrespected Congress that sincerely thinks it is there to win re-election through the funding of earmarks for special interests.

Contrast that to Americans who get up and go to work every day to make a simple living so that they can feed the mouths of babes and pay their taxes.

Look closely at Capitol Hill

What do you see, other than a righteous collective of know-it-alls? These are the gutless gladiators of a Republic that they have long been dismantling one precious brick at a time by their spineless approach to governing. They speak with forked tongues because that is all they know how to do; that and getting re-elected year after year. These career politicians lie when they need to and they lie when they don't need to. They lie because that's the culture of Washington through and through.

And for that they have us to thank!

Americans have, by and large, forfeited their control of this Republic by their mindlessness. Americans would rather play games and drink beer and rant and rave about the likes of Charlie Sheen; and most of us don't even bother to vote – ever, even at Presidential elections like the one to come in 2012. If they do vote, those with union armbands allow themselves to be bused like cattle to election booths where, once inside, they only know to put the check before a name they were (paid?) to mark.

Most folks in this country wouldn't know a Republic from a Democratic Monarchy, or a flat from a fair tax. Find someone who cares about waste and fraud in Medicare, for there but for the grace of god go us, huh? Comedic interviews with the man on the street is laughable for its entertainment value because most of these blokes know what VIAGRA is but not the freedoms that the U. S. Constitution guarantees them.

Many Americans can't even remember the name of the sitting Vice President of the United States (not that I necessarily blame them). Many can't even recite the Pledge of Allegiance from beginning to end, or the National Anthem. Show them a picture of the Secretary of the Treasury, Timothy Geithner, and they scratch their heads. It is of no consequence to the man on the street to learn that Geithner was previously the 9th president and chief executive office of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York; or even that he is a current member of the Trilateral Commission.

So much for our schools, huh? So much for memorizing names and dates.
Who is John Galt?

The fact is, Baby Boomers and their progeny don't collectively deserve this country. They take but they don't give back. They use and then throw things away. They drive fast because they can, they text because they can, they dance like there is no tomorrow while their knowledge of American history and world geography stinks. They also don't recycle unless the government makes it as easy as possible for them to do so.

We are the great ZERO GENERATION. We couldn't have an intelligent conversation about the fate and future of this great Republic if our lives depended on it.

Oh, and it's OK that we are dropping bombs on Libya because we don't even know where Libya is and who cares anyway? Those folks are half a world away and they dress funny.

That's the sad state of affairs today, kids, like it or not. And that's why all those liars out there lie to us. They lie to us because they can.

They sold us mortgages we couldn't afford because it sounded good, and it made us look good. We liked that. They talked us into Iraq because, after all, America is the proud POLICEMAN OF WORLD, no matter what the cost. We let our porous borders soak up millions of undocumented aliens because the jerkos on Capitol Hill and their progressive friends tell us it is the humane thing to do.

Not to mention the fact that it brings them (cough) votes and us more Great Society entitlements.

We live in a world where the average American thinks the government owes them. In their minds the government owes them everything from free health care to free tickets to the Red Sox – not to mention food stamps and soup kitchens, oh, and pensions that allow more and more of American workers to retire at the age of 50 with nearly 100% of their annual earnings (someone probably got a lot of votes for that). Most Americans today think government is the answer to everything, so much so that they don't even laugh at all the new regulations that tell us what toilets to buy or what foods we can eat.

We do seem to collectively treasure our NANNY STATE, maybe because it relieves us of having to take care of ourselves?

And Finally…

Americans aren't stupid. We aren't blind. Some of us see what's happening around us. We just don't know any more what to do about it. We are empty-headed and dumbfounded, that's what we are.

We've lost our tongues.

We've forgotten that the Founders gave their lives so that we could have a country to be proud of, an exceptional one. We've forgotten about the years of denial and strive previous generations of Americans endured so that we could have a better life than them. We don't read any more. We don't dialogue with each about life's important issues. We don't even say hello when we encounter each other on the street.

Our grand Republic is going down the tubes as we speak because we don't have the balls to stop it. We could, but we won't.

Still, do yourself a favor and read Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning by Jonah Goldberg. All those who fight for individual liberty will appreciate this important work. According one reviewer, "Fascism in all its forms is the enemy of liberty, and recognizing it for what it is will always be a prerequisite for stopping it."



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