Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Dr. J. Alva Scruggs, BS, MS, MA, EdD


American has become the victim of media control that has substitutes the sound bites of the ambitious for the facts that makes mankind a progressive evolving species. In other words the method of using "Facts and observations" to fuel the human mind for making valid decision and conclusions has been corrupted by mass media which has made convenient sound bites the resources for human and national growth and advancement!

The schools of sociology, psychology, propaganda, and Public Relations have become America's source of information. These four bodies of knowledge are powerful and subject to abuse in the hands of the greedy and evil. These four subjects provide the tools to control the beliefs and actions of individuals and in turn control the masses!

This would not be so bad if this media was free of the corruption brought by those who wish to use it not so much to educate but to control the population for selfish reasons. The fact is that the process of reason using facts is much more labor and time intensive than taking actions and making conclusions from the human quality of "fear and emotion!" Therefore, people such politicians and capitalist that choose to use the public for greedy and exploitive reasons choose fear and emotions to reach their ends.

Unfortunately, this has an extremely negative effect on the intellectual level of a nation or a group of citizens that use the media for their primary source of information. It is easy to make a decision from the phase, "If it don't fit then you must acquit" than to have the information that backs up the decision provided. The latter is too long and the former is not only short. It has a poetic ring and a short emotion filled base. It is easy for the pharmaceuticals and their PR people to use the fear and emotion of proposing that a Health Bill create "Death Panels for old people" than for the president to provide the details and facts of the bill to the citizens. Just the other day a Congressman said, "Short term pain for long term gain!" He was talking about a bill to cut taxes of the Middle Class and raise them on the wealthy. It made an immediate impact on the public looking for a simple answer or phase on which to make a conclusion on a complicated bill that would positively affect them if they supported it. It was easier for President Bush to use the fear of "Weapons of Mass Destruction" to get Americans to invade Iraq than to try to explain any other reason for this preemptive stick on a sovereign nation!

In the pass election November 2, 2010, the Republicans and their conservative supporters bundled together several existing conditions of Americans as they said, "unemployment, Obama care, Raising Taxes, Out of control federal spending" do you need more of this from Democrats. Now the condition such as "Unemployment" was obvious to every one, but the reasons were not so clear and easy to determine. Therefore, in putting the easy subject in the same slogan with other not so clear things the Democrats were voted out by Americans that did not vote in their best interest!

In addition, America has a flaw in its national base belief. This is that there is a significant difference in the intellectual ability/IQ between races and gender's of its population. This belief is that the IQ of a white male (not all but too many) is superior to all other groups of citizens. The acceptance of this serous lie has paved the way for a white male to hold the belief of being more accepted in their thoughts than any other group. However, instead of using this advantage to increase their base of knowledge and lead fellow citizens to higher levels, they have commonly used this to avoid the labor of learning things and information. He will say fearful and emotional things that are unsubstantiated by facts or observation. This leaves citizens to attain low reasoning low level and settle for "Stupidity" This can be seen in the publics responses to life's questions. Americans in the last election voted for people and things that were not in their best interest! Thus, the public this state of stupidity provides an advantage for people that work to use the public for selfish reasons such as making profits and exploiting resources. It further, creates a false role model to emulate by those who are trying to gain power and status in American society. Some few striving leaders do not fall for this role model and take the chance and be the hero (such as Maddow, Olberman, L Gantt of The Gnatt Report, Hillary Clinton, Ann Hoffington, Matthews, maybe Obama, Ploski, ect). But people as Shara Palin take the easy way up and as she says,"man-up" to the role model! The productivity and advancement of the human kind is retarded by this activity. . Thus goes American society preoccupation with "Stupidity" of today!

The real tragedy in this is that America has fallen behind other nations in their historical leadership in education and production of ideas and goods. Politicians and exploiters have used the human nature of fear and emotion and substituted the word "Common Sense": to make those, who are not educationally achieved fill comfortable with their condition. Further, politicians regularly use this "Common Sense" stand as they say things that clearly have little foundation in fact!

As Americans we can no longer allow our so called political and business leaders to deliberately use misinformation and plain old lies to get citizens to vote on issues of paramount importance! These politicians are distorting and resetting the body of knowledge even in our Higher Education Institutions thus contaminating the history of events and information enough to make a national human progress impossible!!

Dr. J. Alva Scruggs, BS, MS, MA, EdD
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