Monday, April 19, 2010

[wvns] Autopsy photos released of slain imam

April 07. 2010 11:52AM
Autopsy photos released of slain imam
Santiago Esparza
The Detroit News

Southfield --The Council on American-Islamic Relations Michigan office released photos today that it says show evidence not detailed in official reports of the Oct. 28 fatal shooting of an imam during an FBI sting.

As result of preliminary government reports, CAIR has called for an independent investigation of the slaying of Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah, saying his body had injuries not detailed in an autopsy report and that the new photos back their claims.

CAIR says it believes the photos capture injuries that could have come from an FBI dog also killed in the incident despite the autopsy report listing the cause of those injuries as inconclusive. CAIR obtained the photos from the medical examiner.


The Murder That Won't Die
By Imam Abdullah El-Amin, MMNS
The Muslim Observer

Why did the FBI kill Imam Luqman?

It has been more than 4 months since Imam Luqman Abdullah; imam of Masjid Al Haqq in Detroit, Michigan was set up, provoked, and killed by the FBI and other law enforcement officers in a raid in Dearborn, Michigan, right outside of Detroit.

We have seen similar scenario's played out many times before, and in many venues, from Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine, to Detroit, New York, Los Angeles and other cities of the U.S. A supposed "terrorist" and enemy of the United States and "democracy" is targeted, attacked, and eliminated with flimsy or no evidence. All that is necessary is to report that he or she was a "terrorist" and the world accepted their assassinations as justified. This is easier to do in the United States because most Americans are ignorant of the Islamic culture and scripture. So when they see the news media reporting only one side – and usually it is the negative side – then whatever they hear sounds believable. It is unfortunate that the mainstream American media has succeeded in painting a picture of Islam and Muslims as archaic, violent and brutal.

Now we come to the case of Imam Luqman Abdullah, the case that refuses to die. First, let's look at a few facts.

The Masjid Al Haqq was one of the poorest in the city. Oftentimes they had no utilities in the masjid. Brothers, at times, would have to prepare for prayer with clean earth because no water was available. The neighborhood is also economically depressed with high unemployment and the mosque members, for the most part, represented that demographic.

The reason this case won't die is there are so many unanswered questions surrounding the case. The FBI did a three year investigation of Imam Luqman and the mosque members using hidden body microphones and informants to gather information of any terrorist activity or attempts to take over the United States government. After three years of investigation, the FBI could find no evidence of subversive actions or even the ability to overthrow the government. After three years the best they could come up with, (that they say was initiated by the brothers,) is an alleged attempt to change the VIN number on a three year old truck – hardly enough resources to overthrow the government.

The other results of the three year investigation were "stolen goods" supplied by the FBI to this poverty-stricken community. The actual facts of the situation are you had brothers who were asked to go and help unload trucks for which they would be paid. (Incidentally the payment money was also supplied by the FBI. These brothers obviously had no knowledge or expertise to sell the merchandise because the FBI had to supply the "stolen goods" and the money to pay for them as well.)

So why did the FBI spend so much time and resources attempting to get evidence for a federal case, couldn't get the evidence, and then still proceed to ambush and kill him? According to the facts of the investigation they had nothing on the brothers in the community but petty thievery charges. The brothers might have been poor and unsophisticated but they were pious believers in the religion. They actually believed they were being hired to do a job unloading a truck (which they had done on many occasions before). They had no idea that wild savages were lying in wait for them to use them as pawns in their evil game.

So why did they send over 30 – 40 FBI and other law enforcement officers, armed to the max with high-powered artillery, for a case involving 5 men that they knew were no big threat? The local police departments could have easily handled this case with no problem.

There are many theories attempting to answer this question. One of the main and obvious reasons is the desire of America to discredit Islam by keeping up the pressure on the religion. Heretofore African American Muslims were mostly excluded from terrorist surveillance. All of the attention was put on put on people of Arabic descent first because of Osama bin Laden. Then they added Asians and Orientals and finally African and African Americans. Is the Judeo-Christian dominated Western mind so afraid of Islam that they would go to these extreme measures to discredit Islam?

Why take an obviously flimsy excuse as a dog getting shot one time, to pump over 21 high caliber bullets into a human being; then handcuff him and leave him lying face down do die while they use a medical helicopter to evacuate the dog to the hospital? This was one of most cruel, barbaric and evil actions done to man by man. The dog attacked because he had no moral consciousness, just rote training – and it seems so did the FBI agents.

Another mystery is the whereabouts of the gun Imam Luqman allegedly used to shoot the dog. It has not surfaced although many inquires have been made into where it is – or if it exists.

As this saga continues to play out we are certain the truth will be revealed. Inquires by Rep. John Conyers, Chairman of the House Judiciary committee, Mayor Dave Bing of Detroit, Michigan and numerous civic and religious organizations will not let it rest.

Assassinations and murders are meant to kill; but this is one murder that refuses to die.

As Salaam alaikum
Al Hajj Imam Abdullah El-Amin



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