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[wvns] IslamOnline Chats with David Horowitz

David Horowitz — Founder of the David Horowitz Freedom Center
Live Chat about the "Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week"
Sunday,Oct 21 ,2007

Dear visitors,

The session has just started. Please, send us your questions.

Muslim Affairs Section


Name Karima - United States

Question While most people understand the term "Islamofascism" as a
word only people with a less than average IQ would use seriously,
there is a body of academic study relating Zionist philosophy with
Nazi ideology dating back to the 1930s. [George Moss, Jay Harris,
Michael Stanislawski. Max Nordau was a primary Zionist leader whose
ideas on Eugenics and national revival through ethnic purity were
studied and accepted by the Nazis.] Would you feel that a "Zio-Nazi
Awareness Week" would be an appropriate way to address the problem of
Jewish racism in our society and the misunderstandings that some
people have about Israel?

The term "Islamo-fascism" was coined by Algerian Muslims who were
being slaughtered by Islamic radicals in the 1990s. The group which
now calls itself "Al-Qaeda of the Islamic Maghreb" murdered between
150,000 and 200,000 Muslims during those years.

Name Achmad -

Question Isn't it possible that there are christo facsists too? Why
not organize a campaign against it too?

Yes there are certainly Christian fascists. The term "clerical
fascism" was coined in the 1930s to describe the followers of Franco.
I would regard the Ku Klux Klan as Christian fascists. The reason I'm
not organizing a campaign against them is that they are universally
despised, have no influence and pose no threat that local police and
FBI can't handle.

Name Steven - United States

Question Why are you so keen on spreading hate? I don't understand
how you can justify your actions. You're just as bad as Muslim (and
other) terrorists and hatemongers. What makes you any different?
People like you make me ashamed to be an American citizen!

What are you talking about? I have spread no hate. There is a massive
hate campaign against me and the students who are organizing
Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week. But we have attacked no individuals and
no religious groups despite what left wing hatemongers have said about
us. To repeat, the main theme of our Week is to protest the oppression
of Muslim women, including the 130 million Muslim girls who have their
genitals sliced off without anesthetic in order to deprive them of
sexual pleasure. Why are you defending mutilators of Muslim girls?

Name mabelkoy - United States
Profession Student

Question Mr. Horowitz,

One of the most astonishing thing in American Jewish Life has been the
profound moral coarsening that Israel's Occupation has had on Jews.
Today, you find Jews who had proudly struggled for the Civil rights
openly advocating hostile racist, anti-arab, anti-muslim bile. Since
you are, no doubt, one of those who shifted to the far-right of
American Politics adopting a hard-line Right Wing Zionism-- How do you
Justify and rationalize to yourself this metamorphotic, pathological
Are you still courting an alliance with Jared Taylor and the White

I have been a civil rights activist for fifty years and still am. I
have never advocated anything that could remotely be called racist,
anti-Arab or anti-Muslim.

Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week was designed first of all to highlight
the oppression of Muslims, many of them Arabs under tyrannical,
fascist regimes. The poster for Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week features
a woman being executed by the Taliban because she was accused of
sexual improprieties. Do you approve of this? Why would you call
someone trying to draw attention to the plight of Muslim women at the
hands of Islamic radicals "anti-Muslim"?

Name Mark Goldenberger -

Question How much are you paying your speakers for IFAW? How much is
Santorium getting paid for each of his appearances?

Less than Michael Moore or Norman Finkelstein or Cindy Sheehan or than
Sami Al-Arian got paid by leftists like you before he was deported for
terrorist activities.

Name Fulan -

Question Mr. David, Thank you for this opportunity,

The official flyer of the campaign was claimed to be a faked one
(taken out of an old Dutch movie), "Islamo-Fascism" term is no where
but coined by Mr. Bush, several guests that will be giving lectures
are already known to be anti-Islam and anti-Muslim ..

Do you think that this campaign would be a successful one, and will
not be racist?

The first flyer for this campaign was indeed taken from a recent Dutch
film about the stoning of a Muslim woman who committed adultery. The
point of the film was that the man who committed adultery with her was
given a short prison sentence whereas she was executed in a horrible
manner. Do you approve of this?

To repeat, the term "Islamo-Fascism" was coined by Algerian Muslims
who were being slaughtered by al-Qaeda radicals. You can learn more
details about this by visiting our website at

Name Salma Ramadan - Egypt

Question Dear Horowitz,

I noticed that the number of colleges hosting your event
("Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week") dropped from like 142 universities
to about 99 now ..

Would you kindly explain the apparent drop? & do you think that
Muslims are behind it?

I believe we have 109 campuses. There have been two campuses which
have dropped out. It's hard to blame these students when there is such
a massive hate campaign organized against them.

No, I do not believe Muslims are behind this campaign. It has been
organized by Islamo-fascists and American leftists (who act like
fascists)and includes the following organizations which were created
by the Muslim Brotherhood -- the fountainhead of Islamic terrorism:
CAIR, MAS, MPAC and the Muslim Students Association. It is tragic for
the Muslim world that terror-supporting radicals claim to speak in the
name of the Muslim community. But people who care about Muslims,
should not go along with this fiction.

Name Ahmed -

Question Any man with a sense of "good" education knows where and by
whom "fascism" was originated. Thus, I totally agree with Joseph
Sobran, when he said: "Islamofascism is nothing but an empty
propaganda term. And wartime propaganda is usually, if not always,
crafted to produce hysteria, the destruction of any sense of
proportion. Such words, undefined and unmeasured, are used by people
more interested in making us lose our heads than in keeping their own."

My question to you is: on what basis did you define what Islam is in
order to define the term used by your campaign "Islamofascism"?
Secondly, you consider prohibiting and preaching against homosexual
activities to be a part of the "Islamofascism" you're fighting, but
did you ever put in your mind to campaign against Jerry Fallwell (the
anti-Tinky Winky, the purple, purse-carrying Teletubby), who once
described Tinky Winky to be: a tool of gay activists who were pushing
their "homosexual agenda" onto America's unsuspecting toddlers and
pre-schoolers? Another idea for your fascism campaign, did you ever
consider Pat Robertson who said: "The feminist agenda is not about
equal rights for women. It is about a socialist, anti-family political
movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their
children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become
lesbians." ??!

Islamic radicals want to establish a global Islamic empire, with a
caliphate based in Baghdad, which would enforce Islamic law through
the power of the state. This is a classic totalitarian ambition.
Separation of church and state is the foundation of any democracy. Not
surprisingly the founders of the Muslim Brotherhood were pro-Nazi and
worked with Hitler as was Haj Amin Al-Husseini, the grand mufti of
Jerusalem and founder of Palestinian nationalism, as were the Ba'ath
parties in Syria and Iraq.

Name Joachim Martillo - United States
Profession President Hi-Tech Corporation

Question Now that Soviet and Eastern block archives have become more
accessible thanks to the fall of the Soviet Union, more and more
scholars are realizing that ethnic Ashkenazi Soviet officials took the
leading role in planning and executing Soviet mass murder, ethnic
cleansing and genocide.

Is there not a basic similarity in the process of alienization (making
a population aliens in their own country as a prelude to destroying
it) as took place in the Soviet Union and the process of dispossession
and the destruction of the native Palestinian population as Zionist
Ashkenazim planned since the late 19th century and as the State of
Israel carries out right before our eyes?

In other words are not Soviet Ashkenazi genocidalism and Zionist
Ashkenazi genocidalism essentially the same phenomenon and an
expression of ethnic Ashkenazi extremism, fanaticism and murderousness?

There are an awful lot of Jew-haters posting to this discussion.

Name Abdel Fattah -

Question Islamo-Facisim is quite a new word for me. I just want to
know if I really understand what it means. Does it mean eradicating
the inhabitants of the land we call now North America.

Does it mean chaining Africans together and "shipping" them to that
land. Does it mean colonizing most of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula
for financial gains.

When someone liberates his land and nationalizes the Suez Canal, he is
called a fascist.

I really can't understand the point.

And America haters too are called fascist.

Name Ashraf palloor -

Question No godly religion, whether Islam or Christianity can have a
merger with the fascist ideology even though fascist movements in
Europe were well supported by the church authorities there. Like
dumping western nuclear waste into the third world countries, western
intelligentia is trying to put all the dirty things they invented into
our backyards. Fundamentalism, anti Semitism, fascism, etc. were not
created by any eastern thinker. I doubt there will be an Al Qaeda like
organization, who authorizes suicide missions, in the muslim world if
there was no CIA funded Jihad in Afghanistan.

We, our religious scholars or ordinary people, never approved the
totalitarian rulers among us, but you are the one supporting them and
protecting them. Can you support us to have freedom of speech or to
get back our lands occupied by Israel and America peacefully or to get
rid of extremists among us instead of connecting islam with fascim?
Answer The fascist movements in Europe were supported by the Muslim
Brotherhood in Egypt and the Ba'ath parties in Syria and Iraq, and by
the Palestinians and their leader Haj Amin al-Husseini. Fascist
ideology -- particularly Jew-hatred -- became integrated with Islamist
ideology. If America had not supported the Afghanistan resistance,
there would have been two million Muslims slaughtered by the Soviets
instead of one million. The United States has rescued millions of
Muslims in Somalia, Kosovo and Afghanistan. You don't say what your
nationality is but if it is Palestinian, the Israelis have taken no
lands that were yours. All the lands bordering on the river Jordan
were controlled by the Ottoman Turks for 400 years until 1920. All the
states created from these lands -- Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Iraq and
Israel were created out of lands that belonged to the Turks.

Name Karim - United States
Profession teacher

Question I think this week of awareness is a good idea, it is
important to remind college students of the threats they are facing.
but how do you plan to get people's attention considering there has
not been a single attack on a US city since 9.11.01?

There have been more than 9,000 terrorist attacks since 9/11, many of
them directed at Muslims. I think people understand the threat
although most Americans on the left side of the political spectrum do

Name Muslim - United States

Question Thank you Mr. Horowitz,

I read something about a guy called Adam Kokesh, he is the one who is
claimed to be behind the notorious George Washington Uni. posters, do
you think that his counter-campaign has been effective so far in
mobilizing awareness against your campaign, which is seen by most
Muslims as offensive? (especially when we read the names on the

Thank You,

I don't believe for a second that most Muslims find our campaign
offensive. Are you saying that you think most Muslims support terror,
the stoning of women, clitorectomies?

Name marina fiorario - Italy
Profession doctor

Question First of all, how do you think about it, that an ISLAMIC
site gave you the possibility to talk about your campaign and express
your opinions, even if they are so strongly against Islam? Do you call
this fascism?

Secondly, you say you are not racist and your goal is not to spread
hate. Though, most of your arguments seems to be directed against all
muslims, not just extremists. You are not the only "thinker" who
claims to be against "islamofascism", while the real goal is to fight
against Islam and all Muslims. Would you say once and clearly that you
DON'T WANT to fight all Muslims but just terrorists?

My opinions are not against Islam. They are against Islamo-fascists --
a big difference which you and other posters don't seem to comprehend.
It doesn't surprise me at all that an Islamic site would be interested
in a campaign to help Muslim women.

Yes, I believe that the vast majority of Muslims are peace-loving and
oppose the terrorists.

Name - -

Question Using the term "fascism" in your campaign, you are promoting
a negative connotation about Islam in general, even if you say that
you are not attacking Islam as a religion and that you are attacking
fundamentalist Muslims rather than all Muslims.

Non-Muslim Americans who know nothing about Islam might very much get
affected by your campaign's propaganda and take a negative first
impression about Islam.

If I ran a campaign against German fascism or Italian fascism or the
fascist Axis during the Second World War would you say I was running a
campaign against all Italians, all Germans, all Japanese. If you have
a problem with the association of Islam and terror, you need to take
your complaints to Zawahiri, bin Laden, Nasrallah and other terrorists
who justify murder in the name of Islam.

Name Mujeeb - United States

Question Greetings Mr. Horowitz,

Multiple Questions on certain on issues that you bring up.

1) Given the fact the U.S. is at war with certain Muslims, isn't
holding such an event irresponsible and likely to inflame tensions
rather than build bridges?

2) Why can't you just mind your business? It's not your business how
other countries run their societies? Muslims don't go around holding
"Western Corporate / Immorality Awareness Weeks" although they
disagree with a lot of things done in the West.

3) "Stoning of Women" for Adultery: I hope you do know that this
punishment applies to both MEN AND Women.

I hope you also know that it is rarely ever carried out due to high
evidentiary standards.

I hope you also know that it was Commanded by Muhammad(saw), the
Prophet of Islam and carried about by his Successors.

If you believe that this punishment is an act of "fascism," will you
publicly admit that you believe that Muhammad(saw) the Prophet of
Islam and his Successors were a "Fascists?" (Nauzubillah)

1) The U.S. is at war in behalf of Muslims. It is defending Muslims. I
am supporting America's defense of Muslisms with these protests.

2)This is another ridiculous question. Why can't you mind yours?

3)Are you suggesting that I should support stoning if it is applied
equally? In any case, it is not applied equally as you claim.

** Answer modified by Editor

Name Chris - United States
Profession High School Teacher

Question David - Do you think that Muslims can, in any way,
particularly benefit from reading and examining the thoughts of Blaise
Pascal. If so, how? Thank you.

I'm not sure Pascal is the thinker that would be most helpful. I think
what the Muslim world needs most is to read the seminal texts of
democratic thought, particularly those relating to the separation of
church and state.

Name Hakim - United States
Profession engineer

Question why the focus on women in the Islamic world? does oriental
mean exotic? is it out of a fantasy? why are you so bent on equating
the veil with oppression? have you ever seen a picture of the Virgin
Mary without a veil?

With all due respect, this line of questioning is ridiculous. What
fantasy do you have about 12 year old girls having their genitals
sliced off without anesthetic?

Name Adam - United States
Profession University Student

Question Hi, Giving the climate of the current situation of Muslims
in America, where muslims are seen as the enemey. I can't help but
think of your organization of using the same tactis as of Nazi Germany
who used words like Facism, Terrorism, Criminals, etc. to describe the
Jewish people, in order to desensitize them so that "The more we
de-humanize them, the easier it will be to Kill them". I will like to
know what you have in store for the Muslim population in America, and
what is your real Agenda? thanks

Adam, get real. Jewish terrorists carrying the Torah did not declare
war on Germany, did not fly airplanes into tall buildings shouting
Allahu Akhbar. A religious war, a holy war, a jihad, has been declared
against the West and a death sentence pronounced on every man woman
and child. Read the fatwas of bin Laden and Zawahiri and the late
Zarqawi and wake up.

What I have in store for the Muslim population in America is to
support those Muslims whose ambition is to join a tolerant,
pluralistic culture in which they can practice their religion without
fear, and to oppose those of them who are seeking, like the executive
director of CAIR Ibrahim Hooper to destroy our pluralistic society and
force all Americans to observe Islamic law enforced by the state.

Name Editor -

Question The session has ended. We would like to thank Mr. David
Horowitz for taking the time to answer your questions, and all those
who participated in the live dialogue.

We apologize for not being able to answer all the questions due to the
guest's time limitation.

Best regards,
Muslim Affairs Team


ADC Leads Effort Against Hate Campaign on Campuses
October 19, 2007
American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, Washington, DC

In September of this year, the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination
Committee (ADC) learned of a campaign called "Islamo-Fascism Awareness
Week" (IFAW). After investigation, ADC determined the campaign,
although touted as educational, does nothing more than spread hate and
fear of Arabs and Islam by spreading false, hateful, and biased messages.

As a civil rights organization, ADC values the principle of free
speech. However it believes hateful speech cannot be condoned and
should not be allowed to permeate American campuses. The post-9/11
United States has seen a dramatic increase in hate crimes targeted
against Arabs and Muslims or those perceived to be so. Events such as
IFAW do not seek to further the discussion in a peaceful manner, but
rather contribute to the prejudicial anger and hatred targeted against
Arabs and Muslims in the US.

Boasting a list of speakers known for their anti-Semitic and
Islamophobic remarks, IFAW organizers ask students participating in
the campaign to disseminate presentations such as "The Islamic Mein
Kampf." They also try to connect Islam with fascism and Arabs and
Muslims with Nazis. In his blog, David Horowitz, the director of this
initiative, proclaims that Palestinians are the "quintessential
Islamo-Fascists" and that their cause is "genocidal."

ADC contacted the administrations of all the institutions that were
listed as hosting IFAW. In letters to university presidents, ADC
informed these institutions that they were listed as host institutions
for IFAW, and expressed concern about the campaign. ADC received
responses from numerous universities indicating that after they
thoroughly searched student activity calendars they found no events
scheduled. Moreover, many went on to inform ADC that they disapproved
of hate speech being promulgated on their campuses. These institutions
were upset that their names had been listed, without their knowledge
or consent, by the David Horowitz Freedom Center. These universities
have asked for their names to be removed from the IFAW websites and
lists. One public university official said, "We as an institution
endorse an educational atmosphere with open dialogue and free speech
which promotes a diverse political and intellectual community.
However, we do not wish to participate or endorse a program which does
not further the discussion in a peaceful manner, but rather
contributes to the prejudicial anger and hatred targeted against Arabs
and Muslims in the US. We are deeply troubled that a group (Terrorism
Awareness Project) would organize and support this type of hateful and
bigoted event. "

ADC National Executive Director Kareem Shora said, "ADC firmly
believes that there is, and should be, open and frank discussions on
college campuses regarding all issues germane to the academic setting,
particularly with a diverse range of opinions present," Shora
continues, "However, ADC is seriously concerned that such a notorious
lineup of racist, bigoted, Islamophobic, and anti-Semitic speakers
will serve not to educate but to promote hatred and spread
misinformation and lies. Let us not forget that these are the same
lies that have lead, and continue to lead, to hate crimes and attacks
against minorities including African-Americans, Jews, Muslims,
homosexuals, and others based on stereotypes. The points of view
espoused by this campaign are not ones that belong in any reasonable
debate as it serves to promote hatred of an entire religion or ethnic

ADC has since been contacted by organizations representing a diverse
range of religious, ethnic, and racial backgrounds in opposition to
this campaign of hate and intolerance. Speakers listed as appearing on
campuses where IFAW is taking place include: David Horowitz, who has
made racist statements such as "guns don't kill black people, other
blacks do"; Ann Coulter, who recently stated that Jews "need to be
perfected" (for more information, please visit: ); Rick Santorum who has compared
homosexuality to incest; Robert Spencer who claims Islam is "the
world's most intolerant religion"; and noted anti-Arab commentator and
Islamophobe Daniel Pipes who once said that "Palestinians are a
miserable people…and they deserve to be."


NOTE TO EDITORS: The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee
(ADC), which is non sectarian and non partisan, is the largest
Arab-American civil rights organization in the United States. It was
founded in 1980, by former Senator James Abourezk to protect the civil
rights of people of Arab descent in the United States and to promote
the cultural heritage of the Arabs. ADC has 38 chapters nationwide,
including chapters in every major city in the country, and members in
all 50 states.

The ADC Research Institute (ADC-RI), which was founded in 1981, is a
Section 501(c)(3) educational organization that sponsors a wide range
of programs on behalf of Arab Americans and of importance to all
Americans. ADC-RI programs include research studies, seminars,
conferences and publications that document and analyze the
discrimination faced by Arab Americans in the workplace, schools,
media, and governmental agencies and institutions. ADC-RI also
celebrates the rich cultural heritage of the Arabs.


Proactivity Vs Islamo-Fascism
By Dina Rabie, IOL Staff

"In an effort to prevent backlash from this week, MPAC has published a
guide for individuals and campus organizations," Kamal said.

CAIRO — The upcoming Islamo-Fascism campaign on US campuses is facing
opposition from many non-Muslim academics and intellectuals, while
Muslim groups were proactive in countering the hate campaign.
"Aware of anti-Islamic events happening on campuses, Muslim students
have chosen to reach out to their fellow students and encourage them
to learn what Islam is really all about," Asma Mirza, President of the
Muslim Students Association National, told in a mail

MSA, the largest Muslim Students group in the US and Canada, has
launched a "Peace not Prejudice" campaign in September to fight back
calls for religious intolerance.

The Terrorism Awareness Project, which is affiliated with the David
Horowitz Freedom Center, is sponsoring an Islamo-Fascism Awareness
Week, scheduled for October 22-26, on scores of campuses nationwide.

Notorious Islam critics such as Dutch writer and politician Ayaan
Hirsi and Jewish neoconservative icon Daniel Pipes will be seeking to
rally students against the alleged threat Islam poses to the US and
the world.

Mirza believes that PnP is the way to counteract the Islamophobic

"By offering pro-active educational programs, the MSA is trying to
reclaim the discourse from the hands of intolerant extremists who
smear and distort Islam to further their own agendas," she said.

The PnP program sees Muslim students working to dispel common
stereotypes about Islam and proving to fellow students, professors and
local communities that the Muslim community is a vibrant part of the
social fabric.

"People who seek to divide our college campuses on racial, religious
or ethnic grounds are promoting a form of racism which can only be
effectively challenged by a campaign of peace and tolerance seeking to
build bridges."

A recent poll showed that 39 percent of Americans feel prejudiced
toward Muslims, numbering nearly seven millions.


The Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) is also adopting a proactive
strategy to counter the Islamo-Fascism campaign.

"In an effort to prevent backlash from this week, MPAC has published a
guide for individuals and campus organizations," Shazia Kamal, Hate
Crimes Prevention Coordinator in the Los-Angeles-based public service
organization, told IOL.

The "What You Need to Know About Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week" guide
provides background info on the campaign sponsors, right-wing
conservative and high-profile Islamophobe Horowitz.

It also gives Muslim students a set of recommendations.

"They first and foremost remind students to practice Islamic ethics,
support free speech, not draw attention to IFAW events, contact campus
administrators to make them aware of the events, collaborate with
other student groups, and report any hate crimes/hate incidents that
may result from the events that take place," Kamal said.

"In our recommendations, we also stress the fact that this is an
outside group, coming in to agitate the student body and infringe upon
the autonomy of students on their campuses."


The campaign's hoax poster turned out to be a scene from a Dutch movie.

It's not only Muslim organizations that are opposing the campaign.

Scott Jaschik, editor of The Chronicle of Higher Education, an
independent publication covering higher education in the US,
questioned the motives of the Islamo-fascism campaign.

"The in-your-face approach of publicity for the events (not to mention
some of the speakers) is already setting off campus debates over
whether the campaign being orchestrated is about informing students or
intimidating Muslim students," he wrote on Monday, October 9.

To date, many of the IFAW events have been canceled at a handful of
universities, where administrators and student groups called the event
divisive and hateful.

Administrators at Columbus State Community College, in Ohio, have
barred the campaign's "offensive" posters from going up inside
classroom buildings.

In California's Westmont College, lawyers wrote to David Horowitz
center demanding the college name be taken off the list of
participating institutions.

Free Exchange on Campus, a coalition of academic groups, issued a
statement Monday citing concerns that Horowitz was organizing these
events to "provoke opposition."

The coalition also revealed fraud in press materials that have been
issued for the Week activities.

A photograph originally featured as the campaign's main poster was
said to show a Muslim teenage girl being buried before being stoned to
death. It later proved to have been from a 1994 Dutch film.


"The term 'Islamo-fascism'… used by President Bush in saber-rattling
speeches - is highly problematic," Leupp said.

Academics believe the campaign only aims to propagate hatred and
vilification of Islam.
In a column in the student newspaper of Emory University in Atlanta,
The Emory Wheel, associate researcher Benish Shah accused the Week
organizers of propagating misconceptions while hiding behind the
slogan of free speech.

"Horowitz knows little to nothing about Islam, and uses his minuscule
knowledge to spark anger, hatred and frustration. Anger in Muslims who
are misrepresented by his bigoted language: Hatred in Americans who
have no knowledge of what Islam or terrorism is really about."

Gary Leupp, Professor of History and Comparative Religion at Tufts
University in Massachusetts, called Horowitz's campaign "a calculated
effort to vilify Islam in general."

An expert of fascism history with many writings on fascist systems,
Leupp questioned the linking between Islam and the concept.

"The term 'Islamo-fascism'… used by President Bush in saber-rattling
speeches - is highly problematic," he wrote in Tufts Daily, the
University's student newspaper.

Leupp said that Islam emphasizes the equality of human beings before
Allah, while the Qur'an explicitly states that righteous Christians
and Jews will enter Paradise.

"The real intention here is to couple 'Islam' with a powerful epithet,
devoid of analytical content, conjuring up images of a
universally-detested past," he added.

"The proponents of the 'Islamo-fascism' concept want to play upon
emotions rather than really spread 'awareness.'

"Their historical analogies are absurd, while their planned week is
more than an affront to Muslims. It is an insult to their intelligence."



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