Sunday, July 29, 2007

[wvns] Why Our Government Supports Israel, and Why We Shouldn't

Why Our Government Supports Israel, and Why We Shouldn't
John Spritzler -
Somerville Divestment Project

As most Americans know very well, the United States is not really
a democracy. What is less obvious is how that explains why our
government supports Israel.

In America, money is power. A tiny plutocracy of billionaires,
with a corporate and government elite, controls every important
institution; our government, the major political parties, the
corporations and mass media, even the big labor unions. Their values
of inequality and top-down control, and what they do to stay in power
and control us, like pitting people against each other and waging wars
based on lies, fly in the face of the values of equality and democracy
and concern for one another that most ordinary Americans share.

Virtually all of our politicians and mass media support
Israel because Israel helps America's rulers control both Americans
and people in the Middle East. Israel does this by fomenting religious
war in the Middle East pitting Jews against non-Jews, and enlisting
U.S. support in that war.

What Israel Does

In 1947 Jewish leaders in Palestine formed an army and
violently drove out 85% of the non-Jews living in what became the
Jewish state of Israel in 1948. It was ethnic cleansing, pure and
simpleâ€"a war crime, and apartheid worse even than that of South
Africa. Jewish leaders said that Jews needed a state in Palestine
where the sovereign authority would not be everybody who lived there
but "the Jewish people" only, and where the population would have to
be at least 80% Jewish even though Jews were only 38% of the
population at the time. Jewish leaders did everything they could to
make ordinary Jews, who had recently arrived from Europe after
surviving the Holocaust, believe that the Arabs were out to kill them
all, when in fact what Arabs objected to was not the presence of Jews
but the aim of Jewish leaders to drive non-Jews out of their own
country. Israel refuses to let the millions of Palestinian refugees
return to their homes or to compensate them for their stolen property.

Israel ethnically cleansed more land of Palestinians in
1967, discriminates in law against the few who remained inside what
became Israel, and uses the anger of Palestinians at all of this, and
their resistance to it, to keep Jews perpetually fearful of Arabs and
obedient to the wealthy Jewish elite in Israel. At the same time, the
Israeli government continues the crime of ethnic cleansing in the name
of "security." Result: Extreme misery for Palestinians, and less
security for Jews in Israel , while economic inequality among Jews in
Israel soars, and the Israeli upper class is more in control and
richer than ever.

How Israel Strengthens America's Rulers

Ruling elites in all nations know that the key to controlling
their own people is to make them fear an external enemy. This is a
time-proven way to get people to accept abuses from their own rulers
that they would never otherwise tolerate, like NAFTA, unaffordable
health care, MCAS shoved down our children's throats, tax cuts for the
rich, vanishing pensions, and a military-industrial complex scam that
funnels trillions of dollars from our pockets into those of the
corporate elite.

The War on Terror (WoT) is the latest way that U.S. and other
world elites make their people so frightened of and angry at an
external enemy that they will accept being dominated undemocratically
by their own rulers. That's why virtually all of our politicians and
mass media support the WoT, even if they argue the details (attack
Iraq or Iran?) The WoT is the only excuse our rulers have for denying
us the Peace Dividend everybody expected when the Cold War ended, or
for spying on our phone calls to scare us into obedience.

The heart of the WoT storyline is that Arabs and Muslims are
violent anti-Semites who want to kill people like us out of pure
hatred. The story would be far less persuasive without Israel
fomenting Arab/Muslim anger at itself, and our mass media hiding the
fact of ethnic cleansing to reinforce the lie that Arab/Muslim anger
stems from anti-Semitism.

The War on Terror disguises the reality of the class war by
making it seem a religious war: Arab/Muslim ruling elites in the
Middle East are strengthened too by Israel's ethnic cleansing, because
it directs the anger of their own people at Israel and away from their
own Arab/Muslim dictators. Israel's ethnic cleansing harms ordinary
people of all religions in both the Middle East and in the United
States, and strengthens anti-democratic rulers. That's why our
government supports Israel, and why WE shouldn't.



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