Wednesday, April 11, 2007

[kanoshia] Slaves of Devil attacked to destroy muslim unity : On Parachinar


News In Detail

Parachinar: More Updates and Pictures

SFP News:
April 11, 2007:
The confirm martys of Shiite Muslims are 26 and around 130 wounded in these 5 days violence. Through unofficial ways, the martyrs are near to 40.
According to SFP sources, fighting continued during the previous night and on Tuesday between the Sunni village of Bushera and Mallikhel inhabited by Shias. Long-range missiles were also been fired by combatants in Alizai and Bagzai against each other. Fighting was also going on between Karman and Parachamkani villages, Ibrahimzai and Masozai villages, and Tari Mangal and Pewar villages.
The number of injured also registered an increase. A total of 170 wounded people were brought to the Agency Headquarters Hospital in Parachinar until Tuesday. More than 60 injured were seen at the government hospital in Sadda. Many other injured were taken to hospitals in Hangu, Kohat and Peshawar or were under treatment at private hospitals.
Gunship helicopters of Frontier Core(FC) were seen flying over Parachinar and other towns on Tuesday to hit Shiite Muslims areas and killed innocent Citizens.

SFP News:
April 9, 2007:
The death of Shiite Muslims toll rise to 26.
Local Leader said that Regional Govt. is not sincere to stop this violence and the Frontier Core (FC) and religious extremist forces are using Gunship helicopters, at the result more innocent citizens are expected to death.

SFP News:
April 7, 2007:
The violence has increasing and spreding outside the Parachinar and adjoining areas. Till now 15 Shiite Muslims were martyred and around 100 were injured.
Names and Ages of Shohada-e-Saniha-e-Parachanar are as follows:
  1. Gulzar Hussain of Shalozan
  2. Muntazir Hussain of Parachanar City
  3. Abid Hussain of Lukman Khel
  4. Wazir Hussain of Parachanar City
  5. Syed Baqir Hussain of Zeeran Town
  6. Salman Hussain of Zeeran Town
  7. Marjan Ali of Zeeran Town
  8. Syed Qasim Hussain of Parachanar City
  9. Shujaat Hussain of Shelawzan Town
  10. Syed Ameer Abul Qasim of Karhman Town
  11. Tayab Hussain of Karhman Town
  12. Sameen Ali Turi of Pewar Town
  13. Nisar Hussain of Town Malana

    SFP News:
    April 7, 2007:
    Curfew has been further tightened in Parachinar and shoot on sight orders have been issued in the in the municipal limits as the death toll rose to 10 in the clashes continued in the northwestern town since yesterday.
    Parachinar and adjoining areas were suffering power outage after trouble began in the town on Friday.
    Gunship helicopters will be used and troops will be dispatched in the violence-hit areas, at the result more innocent citizens are expected to death.
    According to the hospital sources over 60 injured persons have been brought to the Agency headquarters hospital in Parachinar, while officials have confirmed ten deaths in the violence.
    In result of skirmishes several power lines and all cellular & line phone lines have been broken in Parachinar and adjacent areas.

    SFP News:
    April 6, 2007:
    Four to Five Shiite Muslims martyred by the firing of Frontier Core (FC) and religious extremist forces while Dozens of seriously injured during a procession of Eid-e-Miladun Nabi(SAWW) on 17th Rabi-ul-awal.
    Tension had been brewing in the area adjacent to the Afghan border, Parachnar since last Sunday (April 1, 12th Rabi-ul-awal) when a sectarian extremist group, taking part in the Eid Miladun Nabi procession chanted objectionable slogans against beloved Son of Hazrat Mohammad Mustafa (S.A.W.W).
    The administration had arrested some 30 participants of the Eid Milad procession for raising the objectionable slogans and assured the rival sect of further action against elements who had raised the slogans.
    Residents said that an ambulance was also attacked in the city in which three people, including the organizer of the Hyderi Blood Bank, Inayat Hussain, were wounded.
    The Peace Jirga constituting of the elders from both the school of thoughts for initiating a dialogue between the warring groups was about to arrive from Peshawar, which would make all out efforts to broker a ceasefire and douse the blazing situation.
    Elders of the area say miscreants from both sides had been active in subverting peaceful environment in the agency for a long time but officials of the administration had turned a blind eye to their activities.
    Regional Leader said that government wants to create sectarian violence among Shia & Sunni Muslims.
    This tension created, when Muslim Ummah is celebrating Hafta-e-Wahdat on the Charter of Imam Khomieni and celebrate Birth Anniversary of Hazrat Mohammad Mustafa(S.A.W.W).

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