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[kanoshia] A Shi'ite Encyclopedea

In the Name of Allah, the compassionate, the all-merciful
Greeting of Allah be upon Muhammad and the pure members of his House

A Shi'ite Encyclopedia
Version 2.0 October 1995
Revised January 2001
Dear brother/sister
Assalamu Alaykum,
We are pleased to release a collection of information which addresses Shia/Sunni inter-school related issues. This encyclopedia which covers the most important lines of thought of the Shia, is the contribution of a few brothers. Most of the articles provided in this encyclopedia are original contributions, while the rest are excerpts from the Shi'i/Sunni books. The information presented in this encyclopedia is based on the understanding and the knowledge of the contributors. The subjects are classified and are divided into several chapters, so that one can get a overhead view of all the major issues.
This encyclopedia is Sunni-referenced-oriented. It is assumed that the reader would like to see all the proofs based on the references from major Sunni documents. However, in the discussions, both Shia and Sunni perspectives are presented to maintain a level of fairness and integrity in reporting the topics.
Enemies of Islam whose goal were/are to split the Muslims have centered their attack over the Followers of the Members of the House of the Prophet (PBUH&HF). They distribute anti-Shia booklets all over the globe to misrepresent the school of Ahlul-Bayt. They hope to create confusions in the minds of those who are curious to learn. These malicious attacks are being carried out with political motives aiming to destroy the true spirit of Islam and to nurture feelings of animosity and disbelief towards the Shia. They misquote traditions from Shi'ite sources or quote them out of context to misrepresent the Shi'ite beliefs and to mock the followers of Ahlul-Bayt.
In facing these attacks, we have two options. One is to disregard what they do and perhaps simply deny their accusations. The other way would be to provide a correct representation of our beliefs which have been enshrouded in false propaganda. The latter is the logical approach in this era of information and communication.
The rulers of the periods of the Umayad and Abbasid used to consider every follower of the Ahlul-Bayt extremely dangerous for their throne. They conspired against the Shi'ites and spread all sorts of rumors about them and accused them of heresy and disbelief. They encouraged the Muslims to shed their blood and usurp their rights and wealth. Centuries of oppression passed wrought with injustice and terrors for the followers of the Ahlul-Bayt.
It is now expected that in this age of technology and the era of the information superhighway, the mistakes of the past is corrected. It is now easy for Muslims to discuss problems and find their solutions. After centuries of misunderstanding and the distinct lack of communication, the only way to achieve this goal, is through inter-school dialogue, unbiased scholarship, and seeking out the truth from the depth of our Islamic heritage. This is the magnificent path which Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HF) introduced to humanity centuries ago, as mentioned in Quran:
"(O' Prophet) Say: 'This is my way: I do invite you unto Allah, on discernment (insight and enlightenment), I and whoever follows me.'" (Quran 12:108)
As the followers of the Messenger of Allah (PBUH&HF), it is incumbent upon us to base the Unity of the Muslims on enlightenment and cognizance. In our approach toward illumination of the Truth, we do our best to refrain from any provocation which may cause sedition, discord, and enmity among Muslims. We strongly believe in the Unity between the People of Islam, and make all efforts to support this idea. To achieve this we base our arguments ONLY on the following measures which are fundamental/common scales for this kind of discussions:
  • The Holy Quran,
  • Logical reasoning,
  • The traditions that have been narrated by BOTH reliable Sunni and Shia sources. This itself indicates that such traditions are frequent (Mutawatir) which have been even narrated by the rival authorities.
Employing these common tools can make different schools closer to each other. Since the traditions that we refer to, are narrated by both reliable Shi'ite and Sunnite sources, they are valid for both schools and can be presented as proof.
For this version, you may have a personal copy of this encyclopedia, and also you may provide single copies for your friends. If you wish to mass distribute this encyclopedia, please first contact the editors with the address given few lines later in this introduction for permission.
Some of the chapters have been upgraded to version 2.0 while the rest were upgraded to version 1.5. The main emphasis and major features of version 2.0 include: more accuracy, in-depth documentation, better style of writing, and integrity, and also incorporates the latest feedback from the Sunnis about our articles and the answers to them.
The encyclopedia can be obtained/accessed from the URL
The articles are being modified and improved. We appreciate your comments, improvements and corrections. Your feedback makes this work more insightful. Please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking on the "Contact Us" link above.
We hope you find this encyclopedia helpful and constructive, and we thank God for giving us this opportunity. Blessings of Allah be upon Muhammad and the Members of his House.
Best wishes,
Ali Abbas

Download chapters.
Chapter 1a:
Quran and Ahlul-Bayt
Why School of Ahlul-Bayt?
Who are Ahlul-Bayt?:
Part i
Part ii
Part iii
Part iv
Part v
Part vi
Part vii
Part viii
The Word House (Ahlul-Bayt) in Quran
Sunni Feedback on the Issues of Infallibility and Ahlul-Bayt

Chapter 1b:
Who Offended the Blind?
Infallibility of the Prophets:
Part i
Part ii
Part iii
Leadership and Infallibility:
Part i
Part ii
The Twelve Imams:
Part i
Part ii
The Holy Quran and the Pure Imams
The Reward of Loving Ahlul-Bayt
How to Send Greetings to Prophet Muhammad?
Is Being a Member of a Party Forbidden in Islam?
The Term "Shia" in Quran and Hadith
al-Azhar Verdict on the Shia

Chapter 2:
The Last Luminary
Sunni Documentation on Imam al-Mahdi (AS)
Special specifications of Imam al-Mahdi (AS)
Necessity of the Existence of Imam al-Mahdi (AS)
More on Imam al-Mahdi (AS)
The Knowledge of the Unseen & the Knowledge of the Book
Some Traditions on the Virtues of Imam Ali (AS)

Chapter 3:
The Major Difference Between the Shia and the Sunni
Ghadir Khum:
Part i
Part ii
Part iii
Certainly your Master is ...
Who is the successor of the Prophet (PBUH&HF)?
The Prophet Announcing His Successor in His First Preach
How is This Possible?
The Opinion of Imam Ali (AS) on Caliphate

Chapter 4:
Respecting the Righteous Companions
A Shi'ite View of the Companions
The Tragedy of Thursday Conspiracy Against Imam Ali (AS)
Attacking the House of Fatimah (AS)
Usurping the Land of Fadak
Lady Fatimah (AS) protests against Abu Bakr's Actions
More Facts on Fadak
A short history of Fadak after the Martyrdom of Fatima

Chapter 5a:
Muawiyah and Abusing Imam Ali (AS)
More on Muawiyah
Development of History and Hadith Collections
Islam of Abu Talib (Parts I through IV):
Part i
Part ii
Part iii
Part iv
Was Azar the Father of Prophet Abraham?
On the Companions who Murdered Uthman
The Innovations of the Early Caliphs
Are Munafiqeen Counted Among the Sahabah?
Shia vs. Iran

Chapter 5b:
Imam Husain (AS): A brief Description and Analysis
Some Traditions on Imam al-Husain (AS)
Reasons Behind the Commemoration of Imam al-Husain (AS)
Did Imam al-Husain (AS) Know He Would Be killed?
The Martyred Ones
Tragedy of Karbala as reported by the Sunnis:
Part i
Part ii
Part iii
Part iv
Part v
Part vi
Part vii
Part viii
Part ix

Chapter 6a:
Temporary Marriage in Islam:
Part 1: Evidences From Quran and the Sunni Commentaries
Part 2: Evidences From the Sunni Hadith Collections
Part 3: Evidences From the Sunni History/Fiqh/Misc. Books
Part 4: Some Contradicting Reports
Part 5: Purpose of Marriage; Prohibition of Illegal Sex & Alcohol
Part 6: Similarities and Differences of Mut'a and Regular Marriage
Part 7: The Necessities and the Advantages of Mut'a
Part 8: Some Frequently Asked Questions on Mut'a
Debate on the Legitimacy of Mut'a:
The Shia View
The Sunni View
Debate on the Quranic Verse of Mut'a
Debate over the Sermon of Umar
Debate on the Controversial Reports
The Opinion of the Four Sunni Schools of Law
The Opinion of the Shia School of Law and the Shi'ite Traditions Which Attribute Many Rewards to Mut'a and the Reasons Behind it.

Chapter 6b:
Part i
Part ii
Part iii
Khums (one fifth)
Tawassul (Resorting to Intermediary)
Evidence for Tawassul by a Sunni Writer
Did Muhammad Receive Revelation by Mistake?!
Imamat vs. Prophethood:
Part i
Part ii
Finality of the Prophethood

Chapter 7:
Shia Scholars
The Rules of Modesty (according to five Schools)
Fasting (according to five Schools)
Call for Prayer (Adhan) and Ablution (Wudu)
Joining Prayers and Other related Issues
Prayer (according to five Schools)

Chapter 8:
Belief of Shia in the Completeness of Quran
Different Arrangements of Quran
Some Sunni Reports on the Incompleteness of Quran
The Quran Compiled by Imam Ali (AS)
Tabarsi and incompleteness of Quran
The Book of Fatimah (AS)
Can ANY human do that?
Early Debates on the Integrity of the Quran (Incomplete)

Chapter 9:
Outline of Differences
Traditions which falsely allege physical attributes to Allah
Abu Huraira vs. Paul
Similarities of Jews/Christians/Muslims
Ibn Taymiya and his Works
The Wahhabis

Chapter 10:
Abdullah Ibn Saba:
Part i
Part ii
Part iii
Part iv
Part v
Kaab al-Ahbar:
Part i
Part ii
Part iii

Chapter 11:
Kumail's Invocation and other Supplications
Some traditions from al-Kafi on the place of reason in religion
Some stories on Imam Ali (AS)
Islamic Scientists
List of Islamic Books


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