Thursday, April 12, 2007

[kanoshia] Arrested Qaeda members in Lebanon confess

Arrested Qaeda members in Lebanon confess
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12/04/2007 Al-Manar TV Special – Hakam Amhaz – Translated /
Sources close to the investigations by the Lebanese military prosecution revealed to Al-Manar TV that the arrested Al-Qaeda network comprises 12 Lebanese, a Saudi and a Syrian and that some of its members were arrested in the northern city of Tripoli, while the others were arrested on the border. The sources confirmed that the leader of the network is a Saudi, who according to judicial sources is still at large, without identifying him. The same sources said that the network was undergoing military training and exercises to plant bombs, and used to send Arab suicide bombers to Iraq after coming to Lebanon in various ways. They added that one of the arrested men confessed his network was planning to attack UNIFIL forces. A senior security officer told Al-Manar that the military intelligence service had arrested the net members, a short time ago.
The Lebanese daily Addiyar said that the arrested network members have confessed planning to execute their attacks and finalizing logistic preparations. The daily added that they had received their orders from Al-Qaeda's second man Ayman Zawahiri through operatives and not via telephone so as not to be uncovered. According to Addiyar the plan of the network was to:
1-    Attack UNIFIL soldiers while in Beirut restaurants and while moving between Beirut and south Lebanon.
2-    Target UNIFIL patrols with car bombs in the southern cities of Marje'youn and Tyre as well as in some military posts.
3-    Carry out a twin suicide attack on a foreign embassy in Beirut.
4-    Attack the convoys of some foreign Ambassadors and ambush some of the roads they travel on.
5-    Bomb trading markets and residential buildings.
6-    Bomb governmental buildings.
7-    Hijack plans from Beirut's international airport and impose conditions that would serve Al-Qaeda in the world.
8-    Target Lebanese figures to destabilize the country.
The daily concluded that those arrested have confessed their leaders in Pakistan and Afghanistan had instructed them to turn Lebanon, Algeria and Morocco into a field of "jihad" and not a field of support, as is the case in Jordan and Egypt.    
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