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[wvns] US-Israeli Cooperation in Covert Operations

US-Israeli Cooperation in Covert Operations and U.S. Double Standard

"U.S. Rejected Aid for Israeli Raid on Nuclear Sites,"
by David E. Sanger
pp. A1 & 13., New York Times
Sunday, January 11, 2009

{Listed on a map, are four major sites in Iran: Arak Isfahan, Bushehr, Natanz- the critical site having between 4000 to 5000 centrifuges for Uranium enrichment – and most likely target for covert operation. Here is the summary of this above mentioned two page article in New York Times.

Israel made secret request last year (2008), which was turned down by Bush by telling Israel that U.S. had plans to subtly sabotage Iran's nuclear infra-structures and had authorized a major covert program about to be handed to President-elect, Obama. This information was the result of 15 months of interviews by the author about this program authorized in 2008 having following objectives:

* To disrupt supply chain from abroad

* Undermine electrical systems, computer systems, and other communication networks

* International inspectors had between 4000 to 5000 ( in reality 3800) Centrifuges for Uranium enrichment

* Experiments were being conducted to arrive at the best way for undermining Iran's nuclear program

* It's going to have a dilemma for Obama.

Israel had requested two things: (1) rights to overfly Iraq, and (2) assure fuel supply for the mission, which were denied. This made Israel very angryin 2007, Information about Iran's Uranium enrichment was obtained by penetrating their computers and communications. Israel suspended the raid angrily in 2007, and became highly critical of U.S. estimate reports.

Early in 2008, Israel signaled that it might be preparing to take this matter into her own hands and asked, (1) for new generation of nuclear bunker busters capable of far more damage by blowing up a deep underground plant than anything that Israel had in her arsenal, (2) Israel also wanted midair refueling equipment that would make flight over Iraq to Natanz and back to Israel.Bush administration deflected both requests.

In June 2008, Israel carried out a dry run for such a mission (that was watched by U.S. through spy satellites) in Mediterranean. American intelligence analyst figured that the distance flown during this exercise by Israeli aircraft was almost twice the distance between Israel and Natanz, Iran. This also showed that Israel would fly over Iraq without U.S. permission, and the question is would U.S. shoot down those planes.

Admiral Mullen went to Israel in July 2008 to learn about their intentions, and met his counterpart Lt. General Gabi Ashkenazi to tell him that any attack would most likely slow down the Iranian enrichment program by 2 to 3 years. Israelis figured out that without U.S. help she couldn't strike Iran. But U.S. did provide more sophisticated high powered X-band Radar system to detect any missile launches, and Gates doubts any immediate attacks by Israel on Iran.

Bush intimated Israel that (1) a new push was initiated by U/S. to exert overwhelming financial pressure to make Tehran abandon its nuclear program. For example, the French had totally pulled out from Iran's Oil projects, and (2) European banks financing such projects had squeezed trade credits. The result was that Iran was enriching U-238 to

fissionable U-235 at an accelerated rate than the sanctions. Learning this Bush turned the covert operation to CIA in order to act fast and create some active leverage against Iran for two objectives: (1) to slow down Uranium enrichment, and (2) and to increase the pressure on Iran's Professor Mohsin Fakrizadeh, who was involved in the design of the nuclear war-head. This was achieved through a Pakistan engineer (who had worked under Abdul Qadeer Khan) who slipped in defective components, bought through Turkey for the Centrifuges in Natanz. Bush had another big plan to destabilize the Centrifuges and figured out a way to screw up the enrichment system that would put pressure on Fakrizadeh, Manager of Project 110 and 111. But Iranians say it is all fiction invented by U.S. minds.

One of the document shown by IAEA inspectors dealt with chronology of Missile systems meant to deliver the nukes and exploding them in air based on the height parameter of 650 yards, the same height above ground as used in the Hiroshima bomb.

The continuation of whole covert operation has been delivered to Obama administration and time will tell about the way the winds will blow in the future. The experimentation mentioned involves the use on Bunker buster nukes that are known to cause structural damage due earth quakes induced by such bunker busters during the tests as well as recent events in adjacent geographical vicinity.

Footnote: Israel would not dare to undertake such actions unless it was emboldened by the possession of more than four hundred nukes. Many people don't know that it was Henry Kissinger who was responsible to empower Israel to acquire such a he nuclear arsenal through a Top Secret agreement between Nixon and Golda Meir during her visit to Israel during September 1969, know as National Security Study Memorandum or "NSSM 40," aka "Don't Ask, Don't Test – Top Secret Treaty" that came to light after declassification of Nixon era documents, revealed through an article "Israel crosses the threshold – When President Richard Nixon took office he was confronted with evidence that Israel would soon have the Bomb. Newly declassified documents divulge what happened next." by Avner Cohen and William Burr, published in Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, pages 22 – 30, May/June 2006, and the rest is history.

On one hand Henry Kissinger was giving the gift of Nukes to Israel, but on the other hand he threatened Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto: "Drop Chashma, or else we will make a horrible example of you," and he did (Ref. page 163, "The Islamic Bomb").

A Group calling itself League for Protecting the Subcontinent (LPSC) issued a stern warning: "WE will not hesitate to use violent means to make those responsible for nuclear arms proliferation understand the seriousness of their actions. We believe it better to eliminate a few individuals and destroy a few factories rather than risk the wholesale massacre of millions of human beings."

In early 2006, a former US ambassador to India, Mr. Blackwill on BBC News revealed that Zia-ul-Haq's plane was also blown up by Israeli & Indian collaboration.

To carry out above mentioned threat, here are some glimpses of History:

1949. Francis Perrin, French nuclear scientist visited Israel, after Uranium was discovered in Negev Desert.

1952. Creation of Israels's Atomic Energy Commission, and development of Dostrovsky method for producing Heavy water.

1953. Department of Nuclear Physics established at the Weizmann Institute through the French nuclear cooperation agreement.

1955. First discussion of nuclear cooperation with South Africa, and beginning of U.S.-American nuclear cooperation.

1957. Secret agreement with France to build Dimona reactor and plutonium separation plant.

1958. Department of Nuclear Science established at the Insrael Institute of Technology (Technion).

1960. Research reactor at Nahal Soreq went online. Ben Gurion told Knesset about the Dimona reactor.

1963. Dimona reactor goes on line. Regular shipments from South Africa begin. U.S. told that Dimona was a textile factory in Negev Desert. But U-2 flights reveal its true nature during Eisenhower administration.

1963. After it was revealed that Pres. John F. Kennedy was publicly going to confront Ben Gurion with U-2 photographs, it is believed in many circles that Israel engineered his assassination.

1966. Levi Eshkol reorganized Israeli Atomic Energy Commission. Bergmann resigns as Chairman. Eshkol cuts a deal with President Johnson and freezes Israeli nuclear program, after conducting a test in Negev.

1967. President Charles de Gaulle of France severs ties with Israel. Moshe Dayan launches plans to accelerate Israel's nuclear program.

1968. Cabinet capitulates to Dayan's nuclear agenda. CIA suspects Israel of having nuclear weapons.

1968. A book "Operation Uranium Ship" published in book1978, revealed how Israelis hijacked a ship in Mediterranean, full of Uranium ore to Cyprus where its contents were transferred to another vessel and taken to Jaffa for use in the country's clandestine nuclear program – a highway robbery.

1969, Sept. 5. Golda Meir visit Washington DC, where she signs a top-secret document NSSM 40 arranged by Henry Kissinger that gave Green Light to Israel to keep on building the bombs and as long as she does not disclose or test it, the U.S. would look the other way.

1972. Technological breakthroughs made in Uranium enrichment (laser method).

1973. Golda Meir gives order to arm nuclear warheads during Yom Kippur War.

1974, NOV. 13. Karen Silkwood, was killed by pushing her out of the highway into a ravine by a car outside of Oklahoma City on her way to give a secret folder to a New York Times reporter revealing that 8000 lbs of Plutonium was unaccounted for at Kerr-McGhee's plant and was diverted to Israel.

1974. India explodes its first Bomb dubbed as Peace Bomb.

1976. South African President Vorster visits Israel to forge new nuclear agreement.

1977. Israeli-South African test in Kalahri desert detected by Soviet satellite and blocked by U.S. intervention.

1978. US AEC slapped a heavy fine on Zalman Shapiro, after the agency learnt that 40 lbs of heavily enriched Uranium (fissionable to make nukes) was unaccounted for and was most likely delivered to Israel.

1979, April 6. Israeli Mossad agents blow up the Core of a Nuclear Reactor that was under construction at a French Nuclear Reactor plant, at Le Seyne-sur-Mer, near Toulon, France.

1979. In spite of the Top Secret "NSSM 40," aka "Don't Ask, Don't Test, between Nixon and Golda Meir, arranged by Henry Kissinger, Israel tested her Nuclear device on September 22, 1979, in South Atlantic Ocean (off the coast of South Africa), which was recorded by VELA satellite and reported to Ground observers. An Ad Hoc Panel appointed by the President, reported on July 15, 1980 that it was a false alarm to defray any further action.

1980, June 14. Iraq's top nuclear scientist, Yahya el-Meshad was brutally murdered at Meridian Hotel outside of Paris with the help of a prostitute, Marie Claude Magal, who was killed by a hit and run car on July 12, 1980 (exactly like Lee Harvey Oswald by Jack Ruby to erase the tracks)

1981, June7. Israel blew up Iraq's Osirak, Nuclear Reactor under construction being built by French engineers.

1982. President Reagan sells advanced computers to South Africa.

1986, Feb. 28, Olaf Palme, Prime Minister of Norway, was hit by bullet of an unknown assassin for befriending Yasser Arafat.

1986. Sunday Times, London, UK. October 5, 1986, published verified photographs snapped by Mordechai Vanunu, a disgruntled Israeli nuclear technician, from inside DIMONA, the Bomb Factory that produced more than 400 nukes after Henry Kissinger arranged the Green Light from Nixon for Golda Meier to go ahead and continue building nukes.

1987. "Doctrine of Pre-Emption," was disclosed by Hirsh Goodman, of JerUSAlemPost: "The enemy is not going to be allowed to fire the first bullet. The armed forces can be built and trained to deal with these problems. The question is whether country'spolitical leadership will be capable of taking the right decisions at the right time."

1992, March 22. Dr, Gerald Bull, a Canadian Ballistics expert was gunned down by 5 bullets in front of his apartment in Brusells, Belgium for helping build the Suoer-Gun for Iraq.

1991. On the planned assassination of George H. W. Bush …Victor Ostrovsky, a former Mossad Agent reported in his book, "in an Effort to bring the right-wing government of Israel to the negotiating table, Bush had put a freeze on all loan guarantees. . . Upon making that decision, he was regarded as the greatest enemy of the state of Israel. . . A certain right-wing clique in the Mossad picked the Madrid peace talks as its staging ground . . . Three Palestinian extremists were taken by a Kidon unit from their hiding place in Beirut. . . [My controller] called me on Thursday, October 1,. `They're out to kill Bush' he said." [Chapter 30, pages 277-283, "The Other Side of Deception."]

1992, Dec. 7, another Iraqi nuclear scientist, Muayad Hassan Al-Janabi (52) was brutally gunned down by a hail of bullets in Amman, Jordan, while his wife and children watched it happen.

2001. Mid-September 2001: Israel and U.S. Plan Contingency to Steal Nuclear Weapons from Pakistan. According to Seymour Hersh (of New Yorker Magazine), a few days after 9/11 members of the elite counter-terrorism unit Sayeret Matkal arrived in the U.S. and began training with U.S. Special Forces in a secret location. The two groups were developing contingency plans to attack Pakistan's military bases and remove its nuclear weapons if the Pakistani government or the nuclear weapons would fall into the wrong hands.

2004, April 21. Mordechai Vanunu released after serving 20 years in high security Eshkelon Prison for letting the world have the photographic evidence that Israel had built many nukes in her nuclear arsenal.


"THE PLEDGE," by Leonard Slater, Simon and Schuster, New York 1970 (Hard). The first book that discloses how Ben Gurion met Rudolf G. Sonneborn, on July 1, 1945, to forge a Zionist link between Zionists in Palestine and America. This meeting brought 19 prominent Zionists together to pledge all (technological, military and covert) support to Jews in Palestine. This plan was brought to fruition after Ben Gurion met Louis D. Brandeis at the Versailles peace conference as secretary of the American Zionist delegation and afterwards toured the Holy Land

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2009. "U.S. Rejected Aid for Israeli Raid on Nuclear Sites," by David E. Sanger, pp. A1 & 13., New York Times, Sunday, January 11, 2009.

Compiled by Bashir A. Syed
Retired Aerospace Physicist
Member: APS, AAPT, IEEE, UCS, New York Academy of Sciences, ASES, and Sr. Member ISES



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