Tuesday, April 10, 2007

[kanoshia] universal brotherhood


surah 21

nay we hurl the truth against falsehood and it knocks out its brain
and behold falsehood perishes ah weo be to you for the false things
you ascribe (to us).


to him belongs all (creatures)an the heaven and on earth even those
are in his vary presence and not too proud to serve him,they
celebrate his praises night and day np do they ever flag or intermit.

surah 34
but those who strive our signs to frustrate them for such will be a
penalty a punishment most humiliating.

surah 56

its we who have created you why will you not witness the truth.

surah 77


ah weo,that day to the rejectors of truth.



behold how they lie against their own souls but the lie which they
invented will leave them in the lurch.


of them there are some who pretend to listen to you,but we have
thrown veils on their hearts,so they donot understand it,and deafness
in their ears,if they saw every one of the signs,they will not
believe in them, in so much that when they come to you they (but)
dispute with you.
unbeleivers say these are no thing but tales of the ancients.


others they keep away from it and themselves,they keep away but they
only distroy their souls and they do not percieve it.

surah 9

and abraham prayed for his fathers forgiveness only because the
promise he had made to him,but when it comes clear to him that he was
an enimy to allah,he dissociated himself from him,for abraham was
most tender-hearted forbearing.

shariq said why we cant co-exist peacefully with nonmoslims?

may be i cam be wrong,but qoran never lies about any thing,these
ayaat will prove that allah hates those who hate allah,allah will
refise his rejectors in the hereafter,hazrat ibrahim a,s had
dissociation with his own father,just because he was an enimy to
ibrahims creator.

there is a huge impect on our sociaty today from nonmoslims,the shows
that we watch,and our new generations learns fashion from is coming
from nonmoslims.

the killing of thousends of innocents in islam world is caused by

by looking at them how cool they look our women has stared throughing
their veils away,and they are forgetting that thats just a charm that
can disappear in minutes.

we cant live peacefully with them,because they have undermined the
real peace,which islam brought in to our lives,they are the reason
for all the violence going on in our world.

we cant blame them 100% because we are ok with their reactions toward
islam,we gave them many changes by keeping quite or by the agreement
we have in our hearts.

ofcourse its fun to live in harmony with them,we will have nothing to
lose,we will live calm and cool,but with out recognizing we will lose
our OQBA.every thing will be nice and fun here,but in the day of
judgement we will be at the same place with them.

so those who need their creator more then the comfort in here will
never go toward universal brotherhood,or co-exicting peacefully with

allah nighabn

gullpary muzafary

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