Monday, April 9, 2007

[kanoshia] Twelve Superiorities of Muslims

Almighty Allah has blessed Twelve distinctions to Muslims over ummas of all other prophets especially Bani Israil. This all is due to the greatness of our HOLY PROPHET sAaww.
1  They were asked to pray 50 times a day but Muslims are to pray 5 times a day. But their reward is equal as the Muslims have been blessed with 10 times reward for every single deed.
2  All other ummas during fasting, were not allowed to eat after the night prayer while Muslims are allowed to eat till start of fajr.
3  All other ummas were not allowed to sleep with their wifes once they go to sleep in the night.
4  Any person who does a sin in night, the sin used to appear written on his door next morning and all the community used to get informed about that. While muslims have been saved from this social embarrasment.
5  Any person commiting a haram was punished by withdrawing from one halal item.
6  All bani Israil were allowed to pray only in mosques, while Muslims are allowed to pray any where on the whole earth.
7  all  other ummas were to use only water as a mutehhir  while Muslims are allowed to use earth as mutahhir and can do tayammum in place of wuzu and ghusl.
8  In case their dress used to get najis, they had to cut away the najis part, water was not considered as mutehhir for najis clothes.
9  Zakat used to be 1/3 rd of the amount, while it is 1/40th for Muslims.
10  When any body offered sadqa, a fire used to appear and burn a part of sadqa as a symbol of its acceptance. If any sadqa was not burnt, the person offering sadqa used to be humiliated. But Muslims are defended from this embarrasment...
11   No other umma was asked for rewarding their prophet. all pophets used to say that "My reward is to be paid by Allah" But Muslms are ordered by Allah in Holy quraan to reward Holy Prophet sAaww, by sacrifising their wealth, lives and dignity over the progeny of Holy Prophet sAaww.
12   Moses pbuh asked Almighty that why the last umma (Muslims) are preferred over us? Almighty said because they have Aashura. Moses pbuh asked what is aashura? Almighty informed him about the tregedy of Karbala and the blessings for the mournenrs of shuhada salwat Ullah e alehim.

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