Tuesday, April 10, 2007

[kanoshia] Divine Politics humiliates Blair and his government - By Ali Haider

Divine Politics humiliates Blair and his government
By Ali Haider (alihaider1960@gmail.com)
The BBC headlines since 13 days were the same, 15 Britain marines detained by Iran. Several analysts and media specialists were commenting on what will happen to them. Will it be another Al Qaeda type video footage of beheading? Or will it be another Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo treatment by the Iranians to these British illegal entrants into Iranian waters? Or may be Iran will use them to negotiate on the release of the 5 Iranian diplomats missing from Iraq. All these calculations were based on materialistic grounds and the prisoner treatment and usage doctrines which they have for themselves. But for Iran it was something else, it was much beyond this. What would Iran achieve by maltreating these captives? A feeling of revenge against the atrocities of West on Iran? And will such maltreatment be justified from Islamic perspective?
President Ahmedinjad's release statement as a "gift" to Britain on the occasion of Birth Anniversary of Holy Prophet (s) and for Easter of Jesus Christ came as a shock to Britain, specifically UK Government. They were left blank on how to react to this. They never expected Iran to play so wisely on this. As one blog comment on BBC news site mentioned "The Iranians made a fool out of UK government" is very much true. This is what is Divine Politics, that politics which does not allow you to compromise on values and pursues you to take political decisions based on Divine Wisdom.
The fundamental question still arises on which the British political analysts are on work as to why Iran took such a hasty decision.
First of all we need to understand how this seizure took place. The UK Army has already set up a commission to investigate why these unarmed crew entered into Iranian waters without noticing the IRGC forces presence. Cornwall, which is the modern cruise equipped with the most sophisticated communication equipment, could not detect the IRGC ships surrounding it. Maybe the British Army Commission should revert back into the event of Tabas to get some answers to these mysterious happenings which takes them with a surprise. . This is not the first time this has happened, the British navy has done this before also, and Iran very well knows about this fact. Iran has made it very clear as issued in the statement of Supreme Leader that the illegitimate action of applying more sanctions on Iran for its righteous nuclear vision will be answered by Iran in their own language. One of the areas to address this was the borders. Iran has left the disputed water zone far from inside Iran territory and has circled it from far to look for any illegitimate entry. Iran is miscalculated as technologically backward country. When divine help gets associated with technology, the technology also becomes divine and it can do wonders, and hence the Cornwall Radar could not detect the IRGC boats approaching them .The British crew did not realize that they were moving out of disputed water zone into Iran zone being unnoticed. It was not an error; it was an intentional stroll out of inquisitiveness, without realizing that Iran was preying on them.
It was a divine will that this happened right at the time when further sanctions were announced. It was a sort of a time for celebration for the Brits and US for being successful in voting in the sanctions, but it turned out to be a reversal effect. Rather than getting Iran more into pressure, the pressure came back on to UK with these imprisonments. So by making these 15 marines as captives, the entire nuclear sanctions issue was moved into a different direction. Though this would not take off the sanctions already passed over, but diverts the psychological pressure being exerted by the Media on Iran as an outcome of these sanctions. Now the media was not talking about nuclear sanctions but had these 15 marine captives in the headlines. A day before it was US and Britain in the driving seat, but next day was Iran, and for 14 days it was Iran now running the show.
For the world, the West  has  presented Iran as a terrorist nation doing insurgency in Iraq and supporting the terrorists globally. So what was the world expecting from Iran to do with these captives. Exactly what is being done in Guantanamo? But Iran is a nation reformed on the principles of True Islam of Prophet Mohammed (s) which has a doctrine for prisoners. If you call it a clash of civilization and it is, then Iran has displayed to the world the difference between two civilizations. A man hooded wired on a carton box is an icon of American way of treating prisoners, whereas 15 prisoners dressed in suites joking with the Iranian President is the True Islamic Civilization. It is necessary to mention over here that there is also distorted Islamic Civilization which  beheads prisoners under the instructions of West. Iran has demonstrated the difference between the true and the distorted Islamic culture. President Ahmedinjad has once again won the hearts of the truth loving people. A journey across the UK blogs tells us that more than 70% comments are criticizing Blair and his government and are appreciative for Iran. It is the people who make the difference and not the government. Iran's strategy against West and also for the puppet Muslim regimes has been to win the heart of the people, get the support of the people and not of the rulers. Revolutions are brought by people not by rulers.
Britain was in a dilemma on this issue. If they exert too much pressure on Iran, then they are creating a wave of fear amongst their people which is the outcome of the dirty terrorism image propagation they have done for Iran. Hence they had to get into diplomatic talks to resolve the issue, and the more the issue gets delayed, pressure will increase from inside. After 13 days when they were not successful in getting their people released, Iran comes out with a message of forgiveness that too after the captives have confessed their crime. A message of forgiveness associated with the mercy of two Prophet (s) again was a signal towards divinity and its values.
What Iran achieved out of this event were several benefits few of which can be listed as:
  1. Reversion of Sanctions pressure on the West itself.
  2. A message that Iran is not afraid; it knows how to play political games. This time we have forgiven them, but you are very close to us now, anything worst can also happen. This was an answer to the illegitimate actions of the UNSC to apply more sanctions on Iran.
  3. Winning Global support from the people by demonstrating the values of treatment of prisoners and then forgiveness. A message of divinity was practically broadcasted over here.
  4. Made a fool out of UK government and humiliated them by their own people. This in turn puts more pressure on UK government to withdraw its blind support to the US aggressive movements in the region.
  5. A factor of doubt has been created between the relationship of UK and US. US has a suspicion that some kind of deal has been made between Iran and UK at a diplomatic level for the release of the prisoners. If UK softens on it's stance towards Iran, then US will be upset on this. The statement issued by Blair was accompanied with association of Iran into terrorist activities in Iraq. This was in a way a signal sent to US by Blair that he is not moving out from their joint motives.
  6. These captives could have been detained further specifically beyond 6th April, where there were rumours made through global leading media sources for a planned targeted air attack on Iran. This operation named as "Operation Bite", based on media reports was scheduled for 4 a.m on 6th April in Iran. Iranian armed forces and government just ignored and allowed the life to go as normal in the country. Since this propaganda was initiated by US itself to scare Iran, Iran could have used these captives as a defensive mechanism. But releasing these captives on 4th April, was a courageous move and specifically the Russian media applauded this. As the Bush government aims to topple down the Russian supportive Ukraine government , the relation between the two old superpower blocs seems to be getting faded and Iran is very well capitalizing on this. Iran's political policy is to create differences among Western nations and US by righteous facts and means. How far Iran will succeed cannot be said, but even if it succeeds in cutting off US support from certain European. Asian nations and Russia, it would be a significant achievement.
  7. Demonstration of Values of Monotheistic religion. By certifying this release as a gift of Prophet's Birthday and Easter, Iran specified it very clearly to west, that we as Muslims don't have any hatred towards Monotheistic religions. We have differences but at least there is a common belief in one Lord. Demonstration of such values by the president of a revolutionary Islamic republic has a big impact in moving hearts to Islam in general. The treatment given to prisoners thus was made very clear that this treatment was not just based on political grounds but on the basis of our religious teachings.
  8. By associating this release with Easter, the gap created by the Imperialistic regimes between Islam and Christianity was addressed. As per some media reports that a letter of request was written by Pope Benedict to the Supreme Leader for the release of these prisoners. If this is true then this is an additional gain to Islam, the same Pope who insulted the Holy Prophet(s) , his words are respected since it was associated with Christ, who is also the same prophet for Muslims. The war of hardline Christians against Islam whereby they have used Jews as weapon gets a blow with this.
This move by Iran was another step towards victory in the Global clash of civilizations, where the West wants a universal liberal culture and considers Islamic civilization as the biggest bottleneck. This action by Iran has made the world see the difference between two civilizations by their own eyes and decide which civilization should rule the world, the civilization where prisoners are paraded naked on International media or the civilization where prisoners are given respect even by the President of the country. The Western arrogant powers should now sit and think , that Iran is not a Afghanistan or Iraq, this nation has wisdom, power, support and over and above all faith and principles, which can never be defeated, whether it is sanctions or military actions.

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